Date : 05 / 04 / 2020
A Self Storage space here in Bangkok?

A self-storage space here in Bangkok? 

          Are you an expat living here in Bangkok? Are you currently expanding your life here? I understand that you might find yourself running out of space once in a while. As you are expanding and setting your feet here in Bangkok, space is quite limited, and you might not want to put your stuff in the place that you are living in. However, do you know that there is a self-storage space here in Bangkok? If you came from the United States or Europe, you may find this kind of storage quite everywhere. You can find that storage here as well and you will be impress of how safe and convenient it is to put your stuff there, so you can keep adding more assets without sacrificing your living space.

            The self-storage service I’m going to introduce to you is the i-Store Self Storage. I know it sounds like something came out of Apple, but one thing that they share is innovation. The i-Store is a premium storage service provider with a focus on customer convenience. The place is located in the central business district which includes Sukhumvit 24 near Phrom Phong and Silom. As the branches are located in a very accessible area, it is very convenient to go and store your belonging or whatever it is you wish to store. There are varieties of option you can choose, from a luggage space to a garage. The place is clean and equip with 24 hours security system that includes CCTV, access control, and security guard. As it is a self-storage system, you can access your storage anytime and any day. Currently, they are providing three kinds of storage. The first one is a personal storage where you can keep all your personal belongings there. The second type is a business storage which is where you can store any documents, files, or office equipment here. The last one which I think is pretty cool and I do not think that there are that many companies that provides this which is a wine storage. Have any precious wine? You can store it here and they will take care of your wine for you as they understand what it takes to store those precious wine bottles you have. I would say that this is an amazing service for anyone who is looking for more space to store their stuff and not just individuals, but businesses as well.

            Now that you know some of the details about what this self-storage is, you might still be wondering that how is this going to be beneficial for an expat like me? So, shall we step back a bit and take a look at that storage space they provide. That storage, is a space you do not have in your place, right? Now you are storing your guitar on a chair, plates on the table, and the toys for your kids on the floor. I can imagine how crowded that is and I did not even look or been in your place. You are storing your stuff in a wrong way! Wouldn’t it be better if you can take all of that excess stuff and put it into that storage space instead? Wouldn’t it improve your stay here immensely? You can save space just by putting things here and don’t need to be worry about it at all. Just do not forget that you store your stuff here that’s all. Also, those space that you save can make you feel more organized as your place does not feel cluttered anymore. You can walk around and enjoy those spaces you just freed. Imagine how happy you will be! If you have more stuff you feel that you won’t need it anytime soon, you can put it here in the storage and everything will be just fine. In case that you really need it, just take the BTS to either Prompomg or Silom and you can access the storage very quickly at any given time! It could not sound easier than that right?

            However, all of that may sound irrelevant if you are not an individual with a space problem, but a business. First of all, congratulations on having a business here! Most of business like you are struggling with space. Even if you are a startup or a well-established firm, space can be difficult to find in most situations. The i-Store can help you with that. It can store any files or documents that you have and things that just take up spaces in your workplace. You can store all of that here with a reasonable price and the larger storage size that you choose, the more benefit you will get from this. Not just that, your old decommissioned office equipment can be store here as well. After you store your things at that i-Store self-storage, you can worry about other thing else such as expanding your company, increase more revenue, and etc. Those are the things that matter for your business, right? Why worry about freeing up space when you do not need to? After you have expanded your business, you can take all of those things back as the storage is secure and the service provider will make sure that nothing is lost.

            For all wine enthusiasts, a wine storage is a pretty expensive thing to have right? Especially you, an expat. How are you going to build or purchase your own wine storage? You are living on a budget, you can’t have that expensive stuff at your place, it’s going to take too much space and don’t let me talk about electricity bill because you need that to run the wine storage. To eliminate all that problems, take all your beloved wines and store it at i-Store and they will take a good care of your precious wines for you with no effort. They have the best facility to store wines and they understand everything that is needed to keep those wines such as the temperature and humidity. You don’t need to worry about that at all, just leave it to the experts.
            As you can see, having a self-storage here in Bangkok is very convenient for expats such as you. An issue about space will be non-existent for your time here in Bangkok, so you could enjoy the things that matter for you most.

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