Date : 20 / 11 / 2022
How to store wine safely?

Some wine once been put in a bottle, it cannot be drunk immediately. It has to be stored for aging potental. It is well-known for wine lovers and wine collectors the importance of storing wine safely with these 5 rules: 

1. Temperature

One of the most important thing is the temperature. Normally, red wine can be kept in 14-16 Celsius, and white wine can be kept in 6-12 Celsius. The temperature needs to be stable while storing. 

2. Humidity

Humidity also plays an important role for the wine's taste. It should be 50-70% in order to keep the taste the same. 

3. Light Sensitivity

You need to keep your wine away from sunlight or UV. If you need some light, it should be LED only. 

4. Odor

When using self to store wine, the smell may get inside the bottle. One way to protect that is to use natural wooden shelf.

5. Vibration

Vibration may effect the quality of the wine.You should store the wine in still place without any vibration. 

When choosing wine cellar or bulding wine storage inside the house, the equipment and electricity should be working 24 hours. 

In order to reduce these problems, stroing wine with i-Store would be more convenient. We offer humidity control and temperature control 24 hours. We are confident you will taste your wine with they same quality when it is stored with us. 


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