Date : 09 / 03 / 2023
5 famous grape species for making wine

Wine is well known by its specialty and uniqueness alcoholic drink for more than hundreds of years. The smell, character, tannin and the acidity of each bottle can be affected by the grape variety of the species, year of production, wine maker, storing period and temperature. Even though, it has been produced in the same year but the way of storing wine can also affect its taste and quality. There is no right or wrong to choose each bottle because it depends on the preferences of each person.


Today, we are going to introduce to you the 5 famous grape species which are used to produce red wine.

1. Carbernet Sauvigon is one of the most famous species including in Thailand. Base note is Blackcurrant, Eucalyptus or Mint. It has a growing area in Haut-Médoc, Pessac-Léognan in France and California, United State of America. Mostly served with meats and cheese.

2. Merlot has the origin in Bordeaux which is on of the most famous area for wine making in France. The color is dark red. It is well known with its balanced taste medium to full body. Tannin and acidity are in the medium level. Top note is dark berries and plum, so it is recommended to serve with red meats and game.

3. Syrah / Shiraz is a dark-to-black grape species. It is commonly used to make both Single-Syrah and Blend wines. It has a very strong and unique taste with a very high aging efficiency, so it is better to serve with casseroles. The best source of Syrah or Shiraz is in France and Russia.

4. Pinot Noir is the oldest grape species from Burgundy. A tasting note are berries such as strawberry, raspberry and cherry. Pinot Noir is a medium body wine with low tannin so it gets along well with boeuf bourguignon and game

5. Zinfandel is a thick skin grape. It has a very high tannin efficiency. Main note are berries with the smell of black pepper. The growing areas for this species are America, Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, and Italy which normally paring with chargrilled meats or food with barbeque sauce.


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