Date : 11 / 02 / 2020
The first i-Store premium self storage in Thailand By thebigchill

Businesses usually rise from the want to solve problems or the willing to find the solution to satisfy needs, which is the same for i-Store Self Storage, a provider of Thailand’s Premium Self-Storage. This Self Storage Service can be interpreted as one’s ‘hero’ that will become a solution to small spaces and storing away valuables.

Not only we provide the service of Self Storage for both personal and business clients, at i-Store, there are also wine cellars and personal storage boxes with the outstanding management system that is standardized, highly secured and reliable. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, the centre surrounded by all firms, we provide a range of sizes of storage areas from 0.5 to 18 square meters, equipped with full facilities. It can be called as a fully efficient service that can change the worrisome idea of packed garages or unorganized households to an easy option.

There are always reasons behind one’s need to maximize utilization in residential areas by storing away items that are not often used : moving houses, condominiums, furnitures, also implying goods that are still useful, able to use later on in life, valuables or are in good conditions; some of these goods could be mementos for meaningful events and would be a pity to have to throw them away, and selling them would not make much of a profit. This leaves the job to i-Store to help complete the mission. i-Store does not only provide personal storage spaces but also storage for business users by arranging areas for storing and organizing documents, as well as other office supplies to meet a firm’s needs under their budget.

​The aspect of i-Store that will guarantee that this service is not only the typical storage warehouse is the standardized services, new and clean spaces, having the option for users to choose their preferred size of rental, a plus for flexibility. The sizes begin from Luggage (0.5 square meters), Locker (1 square meters), XS (2.25 square meters), S (3 square meters), M (4.5 square meters), L (6 square meters), XL (9 square meters), and Premium (18 square meters). Furthermore, users can choose to store their goods for both short and long periods. For further convenience, there are elevators and transport facilities, such as trolleys, to assist users when moving items around. i-Store takes safety issues of every users’ valuable items into high consideration and that’s why we have incorporated a security system that will run 24 hours, with CCTV cameras installed every floor, controlling the accessibility within the floors with the use of key cards, and smoke detectors. Nonetheless, we are able to respond to the lifestyles of customers nowadays who want to travel conveniently; as i-Store is located in the central of the town (CBD), Silom and Sukhumvit 24 branches located close to the BTS Skytrain station will certainly be a worthy service.

Besides from storing goods away, at i-Store, there is also wine cellar service provided. The design takes into account the optimum temperature, as well as standard light and humidity control systems to retain the maximum value and taste of the wine. With the 24-hour opening period, clients are always welcome to access their personal wine cellar at all times. To further provide convenience for clients, we also have a Wine Tasting Room, box service, and other accessories available.

On top of that, our i-StoreGo Box Storage Service is much recommended for users who want to store away smaller items. This service can be accessed through our website,; clients will then receive their personal i-StoreGo Blue Box delivered to their house by our i-Store Staff. After packing the items away, our staff will bring back the i-StoreGo Box to safely store away in our store room. Lastly, our staff will return the box to the client on the day and time that the client wants. Note: The i-StoreBox Storage Service is currently only available in Bangkok.

What is more than the outstanding quality and service at i-Store, we are currently running a promotion for new incoming clients who want to store goods away at our Silom branch, that is the special service of free shipping. This promotion ends on the 30th of September 2018. Also, a special promotion for Citibank credit card holders, who are open to up to 25% discount and additional gifts until the end of 2018.
Many voices confirm the impression of the i-Store Service with the reason behind that we are able to step in and relieve our clients’ helpless burden and changing their mindset that keeping things are indeed, not difficult – but instead, it could be done ‘Easy. Clean. Safe.’.

Visit our i-Store headquarters, a taste of our storage location, now!
From BTS Phrom Phong Station, turn into Soi Sukhumvit 24, walk through approximately 500 metres. i-Store is located opposite to Marriott Executive Apartment. For further information please visit our main website : or contact Silom branchTel. 02-047-6998 and Sukhumvit 24 branch Tel. 02-060-2293



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