Date : 06 / 02 / 2020
Did you know there is a ‘Self Storage Service’

Did you know there is a ‘Self Storage Service’ available in the heart of Bangkok?

As Thailand becomes increasingly urbanised and residential, unit sizes continue to shrink and the need for additional storage space is ever growing. 

​Many expats and Thais want to store personal items such as unused furniture, sports equipment and other belongings outside their already tight home.

Aside from the trouble of traffic congestion, the major problem for people who live in the city have to face is the immensely high fees for living spaces. How much do you have to spend nowadays to purchase a small area that often is not enough? Attempting to help with this problem is i-Store, Thailand’s premium self-storage service with branches in Silom and Sukhumvit 24.

Not your typical storage warehouse i-Store offers standardised services and flexibility when it comes to the size of storage. Choose from Luggage (0.5 sq.m), Locker (1 sq.m), XS (2.25 sq.m), S (3 sq.m), M (4.5 sq.m), L (6 sq.m), XL (9 sq.m), or Premium (18 sq.m). 

Moreover, users can choose to store their goods for short and long time periods, and convenient elevators and transport facilities such as trolleys are available to assist you when moving items around. With an incorporated security system running 24 hours a day that includes CCTV cameras and key card access on every floor, your mind will be at ease when storing your most valuable items.

A key factor for all Bangkokians is ease of access and i-Store boasts two convenient locations in the heart of the city, both close to the BTS Skytrain. They are also planning to open another self-storage facility on Wireless Road prime area in January 2019. i-Store is a member of the Self Storage Asia Association (SSAA), and their services help individuals and corporate clients come up with a solution that doesn’t involve letting go of your items or storing them somewhere where they can’t be easily accessed.

Last June, i-Store launched its newest branch at Sukhumvit 24. There are up to 385 storage units (starting from 1 sq.m to 18 sq.m) ready to accommodate all types of items. Their Premium unit presents a solution for customers looking to store larger belongings such as motorcycles and cars.

For wine aficionados, i-Store offers a particular type of service, the rental of wine cellars. Mindfully designed to preserve wine the correct way, the cellars not only have precise control of humidity, but they also keep in check the optimum temperature to store your wine. In addition to that, you will be able to access your wine at all times, as they are open 24-hours a day.

One of their newest services was launched to meet the needs of those in condominiums. With their depository door-to-door service called i-Store Go, choose a slot through the website, and someone from their team will be knocking at your door in no time. After packing your items in their designated box, the staff will safely transport it to the storage area. Whenever you want your things back, simply contact them, and they will return the box within a date and time convenient to you.

Located right in the centre of the town and offering multiple storage solutions for anyone looking to free space in their house, condominium or office, i-Store is one of the leading
providers of premium self-storage services in Thailand.

Focused on providing the best customer service experience and with great attention to the most delicate of details, rest assured your items will be in good hands.​​

Silom branch
02-047-6998 , 062-595-3393

Sukhumvit 24 branch
02-060-2293 , 092-525-8293

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