Date : 16 / 05 / 2020
i-Store Self Storage joins hands with Thai Movers

i-Store Self Storage joins hands with Thai Movers, a business partner who provides the best moving services in Thailand, to grow “integrated moving and storage” service business offering answers to all services with 2019 the first year’s target to achieve 200 new customers.

            Mr. Pakdee Anivat, CEO and Founder of Storage Asia Co., Ltd., the leader of the premium Self-Storage service provider in Thailand disclosed the company’s MOU signing with Thai Movers Ltd.

the best moving service provider in Thailand to cooperate the “integrated moving and storage” service business of which the direction and feasibility had been jointly studied.   

            There are 3 services for moving household effects of Thai Movers Ltd. namely  1) Domestic Move; 2) International Move 3) Packing material 4) Office Move.

            The cooperation is to join the operational strength of both companies which leads to the cooperation of the new moving and storage service business by providing consultancy service, having mutual understanding with customers, moving, providing storing services following customers’ specific requirement of space and period, and providing moving services to the destination. This is the first time where there is the integrated service provider of moving and storage. The customers can make direct contact with our professional service providers via the website and email, or telephone.      

            “The business expansion of the company is to increase the operation efficiency to the Self Storage business of i-Store. The company determines to continue its integrated storage services with all aspects. The joint business expansion with the business partner is a way to improve the strength services and facilitation and confidence to the customers with services from the moving company of international standard. In addition, this places an emphasis upon the company’s being the leader of Self Storage business”, said Mr. Pakdee.        

            Mr. Kris Snidvongs, General Manager of Thai Movers Ltd. the best moving service provider in Thailand said that the company foresaw the opportunity of the moving and storage service business growth which had a high rate demand growth while the cooperation with i-Store would strengthen the potential to the business through the outstanding branch location situated within the Central Business District (CBD). In addition, with the same group of customer base, this also helped support the market expansion with good response from the customers.   

            The business cooperation aims to achieve 200 new customers in 2019 from the services provided by i-Store and Thai Movers with the plan to extend the moving management services to i-Store’s storage rental areas as well as to provide services to new customers who are not i-Store’s customers in order to increase the ongoing growth of the business cooperation in the future. 

            Thai Movers Ltd. is an accredited member of the International Association of Movers (IAM). IAM is the largest trade organization in the moving and freight forwarding industry with over 2,000 members in more than 170 countries. Being the member of IAM is the guarantee of the highest service quality concerning moving, shipping, and other logistics-related services.             


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