Date : 16 / 04 / 2020
Organizing Your Home During COVID-19

Have you ever sat at home looking through house magazines thinking I wish my house was that organized? or how isn't that room spacious?

Don’t worry you're not the only one. Organizing your home can feel like a daunting task. Just thinking about the amount of work and effort needed can make the best of us come up with a million reasons not to do it.

With the spread of COVID-19 forcing many of us to work from home. It is time to get your organization game face on. We’ll be discussing some tips and tricks you can use to better organize your home and teach you how to break down this daunting task into smaller, more manageable ones.


Make The Most Of Your Time At Home

Unfortunately working from home does not mean it's a holiday even though we all secretly wish it was. All is not lost. We are in this unique position where we have a more flexible work schedule where we can manage our time more effectively to do the things we previously didn't have enough time to do.

You no longer have to get ready for work or even have to be at the office for the whole day. If you use this freedom wisely, you can start checking off that to-do list. Make the most of this time to better yourself and hopefully end up with the space you've been wishing for these past few years.



Splitting up your tasks

First things first. You need to create a list of rooms in your hours that you would like to organize. Splitting up your tasks into smaller sections can help you get started by envisioning what needs to get done without feeling overwhelmed. It gives you a starting point and a manageable goal.

What you don't want to be doing is start organizing one room and somehow end up doing 3 rooms at the same time. Your house is going to end up looking like a hurricane just passed through. This can be demoralizing, we've made that mistake before. 

Remember, don’t stress yourself out. We have a plan for you. 


Divide And Conquer

Since this is not a holiday and we still have to work for most of the day. Split your list into days and get cleaning. We expect that each room should take 2-3 hours to organize. You can either get it done in one go which I prefer or take breaks throughout your day to a little bit at a time. 

We recommended that you clean up your house. Do the laundry, make the bed, wash the dishes and put everything in its place so you have a good starting point. From there split each sectioned task into days.

Monday: Kitchen
Tuesday: Bathroom
Wednesday: Laundry & Bedroom
Thursday: Basic Upkeep
Friday: Balcony & Living Room
Saturday: Dusting the whole house down
Sunday: Basic Upkeep



Let's Start With The Kitchen

  • Clean your balcony, exterior windows
  • Wash the interior windows, (If you have kids this could be a little fun way to get them to help)
  • Empty out your pantry, fridge, and cupboards to clean up any gunk.
  • Give the stove vent a clean. If you have spares now would be the time to change them.
  • Perform a deep clean on all your kitchen appliances.
  • Declutter and throw away items that have not been used in more than a few months.

The rule of thumb of decluttering is if it has not used it in more than half a year and is easily replicable, gets rid of it. 


Creating a Physical & Mental Space For Work

Due to COVID-19, you may have been confined to working from home. A designated workspace can keep the boundaries between work and home from blurring. This will help increase productivity and prevent yourself from getting distracted. If you have kids let them know that this is your workspace and that should refrain from interrupting you when you are in that space.

Keeping your workspace clutter-free will also help improve productivity. You will feel less cramped and your brain will have to work less to ignore certain things on your table.

A test you can try at home to check your clutter is by looking at your computer screen, then out of your peripheral vision count how many items you can see. This is the number of items your brain has to constantly tell yourself to ignore. I am sure you can be putting your brain to better use.

Start by removing some of the smaller items off your desk or work area. The environment you are in will have an effect on your work. Remember, do what is best for you.



Get Your Kids Involved

If you have kids get them involved. Don’t make it a chore but an activity that you both can do together. Younger children are more likely to help you clean if they see you are cleaning as well.


How to use self-storage

Self-storage facilities such as i-Store Self Storage is a great tool that you can use to temporarily store some of your things to make space for your home office during the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be especially important if you are living in a condo in Bangkok, Thailand where living space already comes at a premium.


Self Storage facilities like i-Store offer flexible storage durations and offer storage sizes ranging from 0.5sqm to 18sqm.

You can easily calculate your storage size with the i-Store calculator.


Before & After Photos

Don’t forget to take those before and after photos. You can use that as a reminder of what you don’t want your house or condo to descend into again.


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