Date : 05 / 06 / 2020
Using Self Storage During Home Refurbishments and Renovations 

Using Self Storage during Refurbishments and Renovations 

We have all dreamed about getting that new kitchen countertop or changing the living room floors. Whether it’s a simple paint job or a more complex remodeling, refurbishing your home can be an incredibly stressful and time-consuming endeavor.

Let's face it no matter how much time you spend planning you're always going to be running into problems. Lack of space, trying to not damage your existing furniture, and just having your house in such disarray. This can push the best of us to the limits.

One way you can minimize your stress levels is to use Self Storage.


Why Self Storage?

Depending on your scope of the renovation, you may be able to move your belongings into the next room. However if refurbishment is happening in more than one room or if it creates a lot of dust from the power tools, you may want to find a better solution. This is where Self Storage and i-Store can help you. Temporarily move your furniture and belongings into a self storage unit to ensure that it remains safe from any damage and from potential theft from your contractors.


If you have never used self storage before, you might be concerned about the process, the security and if it is even worth it. If this is the case, you can relax. The self storage industry has been around for a very long time and understands the customers' concerns and needs when it comes to keeping belongings safe, providing assistance and just helping the customer as much as possible. We take the weight off your shoulders, not put more on.



Why i-Store Self Storage?

If you're in Bangkok, i-Store Self Storage offers the most centrally located facilities in Bangkok, covering the business district in Silom and the residential district of Phrom Phong. With the facility being open 24 hours you can drop by whenever you need to pick up an item from your storage unit.

If security is a concern i-Store offers 4 layers of security which include CCTV covering every inch of our facility.


I Don’t Need the Additional Stress of Moving

i-Store has partnered with Thai Movers for streamlined service. We got you covered with both logistics and Storage allowing you to focus your energy on what matters most. The refurbishment of your home.


To Conclude

What you get from a self storage facility like i-Store is the ability to temporarily store your belongings and furniture in a safe and secure environment whilst you take care of your refurbishment.


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