Special Privilege for Sansiri Family Member

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Special Privilege for Sansiri Family Member


i-Store Self Storage to provide the maximum living area for our beloved home owners, Sansiri has cooperated with i-Store Premium Self-Storage with a privilege of transporting items to i-Store free of charge (special for Sansiri Family members only).

The decision of storing valuables away must be supported with great trust. Thus, i-Store Self-Storage provides the service of personal storage areas. Currently operating with 2 branches at Silom and Sukhumvit 24, there are storage rooms sizes ranging from 0.5 square meters to 18 square meters. Additionally, users can rest assured as there are a variety of security controls i.e. Access Control, Security Guard, CCTV System, as well as new and clean areas where users can access their storage space 24 hours a day.
Terms & Conditions:
•This promotion will only be granted for customers who are renting our storage rooms for over 3 months and excluding Luggage Units
•The items that are needed to be transported will need to fit in a pickup truck of size width 1.5m, long 2.1m, height 2.1m
•This promotion is limited to 2 round of journey per contract rented, as well as the pick up location must be in Bangkok.
•This promotion include plastic wrap your stuff limit two roll.
•This special offer is only applicable to the fees of transporting, other fees, for example, trolley fees, parking fees, and dismantling furniture fees must be covered by the customer.
•The process of transporting the items must be under the customer’s care.
•This promotion may not be transferred into any kind of exchanges or cash.
Sansiri collaborates with i-Store to appease wine drinkers, wine collectors, or those who are finding wine cellars to store them away. At i-Store, the wine cellars are equipped with temperature and humidity controls regulated to the standard of wine cellar service. The wine cellars can be rented at i-Store Sukhumvit 24 branch and users may also access their private wine cellar at any time of the day.

Special promotion for Sansiri Family members: receive a discount of 10%

Terms & Conditions:
•This promotion may not be transferred into any kind of
exchanges or cash.

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