Our mini retail Box Shop provides a variety of boxes, locks and supplies to make your move easier! Welcome to Thailand's Safe and Secure Self Storage Shop!

Small Box
Size 17.5x17.5x17 in.
  55 Baht/Piece
Large Box
Size 21.5x21.5x21 in.
65 Baht/Piece
Document Box 
Size 17.5x12.5x12.5 in.
65 Baht/Piece
Padlock Solex 45mm. #01
470 Baht/Piece
Padlock Solo 40mm. #02
(Packaging) No.84-40L
160 Baht/Piece
65 Baht/Piece
Air Bubble Wrap 
Size 1.30x1.50 m.
 35 Baht/Piece
Tapes Scotch 3M
45 Baht/Piece
Padlock Solex 45L #03
Extra 45mm. 
400 Baht/Piece
Padlock Solex #04
Combination lock C-44
170 Baht/Piece
Padlock Solo NL 45 mm. #05
300 Baht/Piece