If you would like to have more living spaces by rearranging things that you rarely use or you would like to move, i-Store can help you store your possessions. You can keep your possessions in the short or long term. We have the storage rooms from 0.5 sq.m. to 18 sq.m., so you can choose the room size as you would like.

Store the personal belongings that you don’t often need, such as suitcases, coats, shoes, or collection. Or if you are moving to a new place and need bigger storage for large size furniture, for example, a dining table, cabinet, bed, decorations. i-Store serves both short and long term storage rooms.

Don’t let the limitation of your living space limit your identity. If a living place is not suitable for storing equipment, such as sport equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, cars. i-Store can help you store these by selecting the storage size you need from 0.5 sq.m. to 18 sq.m.

With our 24-hour security and convenient location, you can come to store or take your belongings conveniently and comfortably.

With the maximize usage of your living place, you feel more freedom with your life. i-Store is another choice to respond to the customer needs for storage with the worthy service and security of your possessions.