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i-Store’s Sukhumvit 24

Keeping wine properly helps keeping the taste, odor, color, and its quality. You can feel the value of each bottle when drinking it. This is why wine lovers and wine collectors understand the importance of storing wine properly, including:

1. Temperature

The most important is the temperature which should be 14-16 Celsius. For white wine, the temperature should be 6-12 Celsius. Room temperature should be stable the whole time you store wine.

2. Humidity

A relative humidity of 50% to 70% is recognized as an adequate wine cellar humidity level. If not, it may destroy the cork and it may affect the taste of the wine.

3. Light

Sunlight or UV can also affect the wine’s quality. In order to keep it properly, keep it away from sunlight or UV. Dimmable LED lighting is the best lighting for storing wine.


These 3 factors depend on the wine storage if you keep in a wine cellar in which there are various option and design. However, the main problem for wine lovers or wine collectors is the space. Some may own wine a lot more than to put in wine cellar. This also includes checking the equipment to be on 24 hours, which may require electric generators in case of power failure. If you live in a condo or house, this would not be convenient for wine storing. One option is to use i-Store Wine Storage, premium wine storage in Thailand. Right now, we have 2 locations which are Sukhumvit 24 and Sathorn One.


Why i-Store Wine Storage?

- Temperature controlled at 12-15 Celsius 24 hours

- Humidity controlled at RH 60-70 24 hours

- Stand-alone building with isowall which is the same standard with clean room that can protect heat and other natural disasters

- 24 hours security and access control

- Electric generator

- Wine tasting zone

- Prime location, easily accessible

Every step of storing wine is to keep its quality. When you taste it, it’s worth the wait that you keep it in i-Store Wine Storage, where we ensure the international standard of the premium wine storage that can be accessed 24 hours.

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