i-storeGo Door to Door Storage

i-StoreGo Door to Door Storage is the first all-in-one storage solution, starting from 5 CBM to 40 CBM. This is suitable for customers who is looking fto store large items, such as decorating items, home appliance and furniture, or those who are in between renovating their home or condo, and do not wish to access storage. The service fee includes moving and storing. The minimum contract is 6 months.


What we do?

We Pack- Our professional packers will help disassemble your furniture and prepare them for long term storage when renting our BySize storage.

We Move- Once your ready, we’ll come pick up your stuff.

We Store- We’ll store your stuff in our secure storage facility monitored 24/7. You can upload images of your belongings for simple inventory management.
we Deliver- View what you’ve stored with us by going to your account and schedule a delivery. Everything is managed online.


How it works?

1. Go to

Customers choose their storage type and book their appointment online. A complimentary onsite survey is available for recommending storage size.

2. Packing and Storing

Our team of movers will come pickup, transport and store at our warehouse.

3. Deliver on demand

Customer can schedule the return of their belongings with as little as 24 hours notice.

With our expertise in self storage service under the name of "i-Store". Customers can trust in our standard, security, cleanliness, and service. i-StoreGo Door to Door Storage will be another solution for valet storage. Click


Increasing Space For Urban Life

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